3 Businesses That Can Benefit From Billboard Advertising

Tabetha Barnes - Freeway Billboard

Tabetha Barnes

January 16, 2018

After 7 years in the outdoor advertising industry, I can confidently say that billboards will only be effective for your business if the customers they generate produce far more revenue than the billboards cost. Actually, I probably didn't need my years in the billboards industry to come to that earth shattering conclusion. But many clients who come to us actually don't figure this out until well into the billboard rental process, once they've discovered the total cost and undertaking. Some people just get caught up with the idea of seeing their names in lights but balk when the time comes. Our clients are both national and local businesses but this post is aimed at to address the industries that should be advertising on billboards at a local level.

Businesses with high cost, infrequent use, or immediate need.

Particular aspects of make these business good candidates for local billboard advertisements because they attract clients that can often be worth thousands of dollars in repeat business or one time fees. I can't stress enough how many successful billboard campaigns we've run in these industries. If you're trying to get off the ground and your niche meets similar criterion making it a good candidate for ooh ads, contact us for pricing in your area.

  1. Billboard advertising for lawyers
  2. Outdoor advertising for new restaurants
  3. Billboards for real estate and new home listings

Does billboard advertising for lawyers work?

Remember ambulance chasing? Outdoor advertisements are much more effective and allow you to reach a wide audience for an affordable price. DUIs and traffic accidents are sudden, life changing events and people often look to the largest, closest signs for help - literally. Billboards are perfect for law practices and attorneys who want to get the word out to those in need, when they're in need.

Attorneys are able to turn clients into enormous revenue streams. With so many people reached with billboards at a local level, the return on investment from just a small percentage of ad viewers often yields high returns. How else do you think they keep paying for those gaudy ads that have no artistic value? It's such a high-value proposition that almost any law firm doesn't have to pay close attention to their ROIs.

Lawyer Billboard Advertising

Do billboards increase customers for restaurants?

They don't have the high ticket that lawyers do, but restaurants need volumes of foot traffic and often need them quickly. After all, they have perishables to sell. Billboards are an advertising solution for restaurants that shows instant, measurable results in business growth. Combine your billboard with a few meal time radio spends or local tv buys to drive the message home.

Lawyer Billboard Advertising

Billboards for real estate brokers

Billboards for new home sales and listings can be an effective tool for brokers. Beautiful outdoor ads featuring new homes can get the word out for open houses and increase the number of home viewers. With a high ticket item like real estate, billboards are worth the spend. If you sell one home because of a billboard advertising campaign, fantastic. But the real value is in the new client you've gained through that sale. You've gained their referral business and likely will be the listing agent when they want to sell in the future. The upfront cost of your billboards will seem like an afterthought.

Real Estate Outdoor Advertising

Remember Other Media Formats!

Effective billboards ads are everywhere. A smart billboard campaign will grab the attention of pedestrians and leave a lasting impression. The outdoor advertiser's association of america (OAAA) found 82 percent of respondents remember seeing at least 5 outdoor billboards per day. This recollection is even stronger when combined with additional media buys.

  • Supplement your billboard campaign
  • In combination with Tv, Radio, Magazines, Newspaper Ads
  • Increases ROI on outdoor advertisements

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