5 Supplemental Ads To Bolster Billboard Advertising


Mitch Thorton

February 19, 2019

Billboards are effective but they need to be utilized properly. All research shows that the impression a billboard makes is magnified significantly when supplemented with internet, radio, newspaper, and other local media buys. These give you an additional ability to target your desired audience locally. Brand recognition and name recall will be reinforced each time a viewer sees your message or recognizes your brand logo because they've seen it before.

These other ad spends can get pricey, so be careful, especially if you're on a budget. Target your ads to specific areas where your billboard advertising may not be able to reach. There are valuable clients in different pockets of your region and it is important to reach all of them for the most affordable price. Consider all the mediums belows as supplements for outdoor advertising.


Outdoor ads reinforce television messages when viewers are away from their homes during the course of daily activities. Outdoor ads minimize wasted coverage and improv an advertiser's campaign b providing the ability to targt ad messages geographically. Outdoor advertising reaches light TV viewers who are younger, more mobile, and more affluent than heavy tv viewers.


The combination of radio and outdoor ads reach a mobile audience, offering a balance of sight and sound. Radio messages are susceptible to channel surfing. Outdoor ads can maintain the market presence of a brand featured on radio after listeners have switched stations. Radio is considered a frequency medium and outdoor ads can increase the reach of a radio campaign by providing broad market appeal to radio listeners.

Radio and Billboard Advertising


Outdoor advertising penetrates newspaper zones that are too large for reaching neighborhood target areas. Newspapers have a short shelf life. Outdoor ads can extend the life of a newspaper campaign by presenting ad messsages ina merketplace 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Outdoor advertising, by it's very nature, is unavoidable adn impacts consumers lost to other source options.

Newspaper and Billboard Advertising


Magazine campaigns offer a high degree of selective targeting based on demographics, product affinity, or lifestyle. Magazines have high production quality with focused editorial environments. Regional editions offer localized targeting capabilities. Outdoor advertising strengthens an overall magazine ad campaign by providing a constant ad presence in the marketplace and reinforcing the key campaign messaging.


Internet and outdoor advertising reach similar audiences. Both market to a younger, educated, affluent, and mobile audience. Outdoor ads extend the reach and frequency of and internet campaign when users are offline. The brevity of outdoor advertising copy is ideal for driving traffic to a website.

Internet Ads and Outdoor Ads

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